Below The Line Finance


Financial empowerment to shake things up, bring light to the world, and positively change the game for conscious creators 🌍


To equip purposeful founders & biz owners with the financial know-how to scale their vision with abundant profits, purpose, healthy cashflows & good vibes ✨


Curious & Flexible

Actively explore new ideas, posing meaningful questions, and seamlessly adapting to diverse situations. Approaching your innovations with an open-mind and flexible approach.

Always Learning & Growing

Always seeking out opportunities for knowledge expansion, skill refinement, and personal development. This value isn't confined to a classroom or workshop; it's ingrained in our daily interactions, projects, and challenges.

Conscious & Collaborative

We strive for heightened awareness and intentionality in everything we do. It means approaching our work and relationships with a conscious understanding of the impact we have on our surroundings, stakeholders, and the broader world.

Inclusive & Accepting

We strive to cultivate an inviting environment where everyone can experience inclusion and acceptance of their authentic selves. That being said; we unequivocally denounce racism, discrimination, and any semblance of harm within our community.

Giving Our Time To Our Community 

Harriet dedicates many hours each month as a voluntary mentor to business owners on a range of programmes including the Help To Grow Scheme and The Natwest Business Accelerator. Her dedication extends to mentoring ICAEW students, embodying a commitment to nurturing growth and fostering learning opportunities.

Over the years Harriet has served as a Trustee for a variety of charities, most recently for the Cotswold Riding For Disabled Association. And we offer a generous discount to clients who are Not For Profit Organisations.

Harriet offers a series of free finance workshops and resources to offer quality support and insights more widely, which are designed to be particularly accessible for creative and neurodivergent business owners. You can discover more on this by visiting our training platform: Get Number Savvy.

Environmental Impact 

At Below The Line Finance, we operate primarily as a virtual business, significantly reducing our travel footprint. Our investment in remote technology and a low-energy off-grid office near Frome reflects our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Tucked into our meadow, reclaimed from intensive arable farming and surrounded by ancient woodland, this space serves as a haven for diverse wildlife, including red kites, otters, newts, and even glow worms.

Our commitment to conservation is further evidenced by the presence of rare breed poultry and Dartmoor ponies, who live in harmony with our herd of retired ex-racehorses. Undertaking an ambitious tree planting initiative, we’ve contributed to the environment by planting thousands of native trees and establishing a traditional Somerset orchard featuring unique old apple varieties.

At the core of our mission is supporting conscious businesses with a purpose—organisations that prioritise the environment, social impact and local communities. We are proud to align our services with clients who share our commitment to creating positive change.


Below The Line Finance, Our Name Explained…

Why ‘Below The Line Finance’?  You may ask!

Harriet explains…

When I founded this business, I aimed to infuse meaning into its name. ‘Below the Line’ is a term commonly tossed around in finance and business, often linked to cost treatment in P&L reports (so fairly apt in the financial sense!). However, my interpretation is that the real magic happens ‘Below The Line’—it’s where a conscious business owner’s ‘why’ resides.

Your ‘why’ is the driving force behind what you do, the unique purpose your venture serves, the sustaining element of your journey—Profit, People, and Planet. 💰👭 🌎

While the ‘Above The Line’ aspects matter—sales and gross profits that fuel the Below The Line magic—exploring what’s beneath allows you to shape your venture with a crystal-clear purpose.

With practical and strategic financial insights, I’m here to empower you through finance, helping you create and build your vision with profit and purpose. 📈

In a delightful twist of fate, one of my significant ‘whys’ is my nature project ‘Below Line Meadow’ (because it is literally a meadow in a valley below an old railway line) —a smallholding embracing ancient woodland and a meandering stream. 🌳 🌲 🏞

What was once intensive arable farmland is now a sanctuary for a vast tree planting initiative, retired ex-racehorses, Dartmoor ponies, rare breed poultry, and a plethora of wildlife, from red kites and deer to otters. 🐴 🦅 🐓

I am fueled by a passion to help you scale your venture with both profits and purpose. That’s why we kick off with your ‘why’—aligning your business growth with purpose! 🙌”

And here is a little visual representation of the magic that happens ‘Below The Line’….

Our Brand Colours 🎨

Meticulous thought and intentionality goes into everything we do; and brand colours are no exception…

vibrant, serene meadow

This transcends being just a hue; it’s a visual embodiment of our dedication to financial acumen, flourishing growth, and serene tranquility, seamlessly merging with the beauty of nature. This verdant shade not only signifies positive transformation and reliability but also encapsulates our unwavering commitment to an eco-conscious ethos.

In choosing a colour reminiscent of lush greenery, we aspire to forge a link between financial empowerment and the natural world, cultivating an atmosphere where mindful learning blossoms. 

captivating, deep lavender

Unveiling a deeper layer of our brand identity, this colour represents our commitment to creativity, intuition, and financial transformation. Resonating with the essence of our brand, echoing the harmonious blend of knowledge and imagination.

This unique tone not only symbolises wisdom and inspiration but also signifies our dedication to an innovative and visionary approach. This distinctive hue creates a balanced palette, mirroring our commitment to financial empowerment within the realms of nature and creative exploration.

 Relax into your business numbers with our soothing soundscape, creating a backdrop for focused and intentional financial exploration 💫