Below The Line Finance

 Our sole focus is on transforming your entrepreneurial journey into a financial success story where money empowers your mission and amplifies your impact.


We partner up with idea-rich founders who feel frustrated by the logical world of startup finances. Imagine planning for growth, securing the funding and building the infrastructure that boosts your cashflow and fuels your creative potential.

It’s all possible through our Fractional CFO, Business Advisory, Accountancy and Money Mentoring Services.

 Does the thought of tackling your business numbers make you want to run back to your dreamworld !


The thing is, you can quite easily access traditional accounting services for your day to day finance and filings.


But where do you go for relevant and relatable 



The  kind of financial insight support that helps you:

⭐ Bring your ideas to life profitability

⭐ Create a sustainable business fit for your future

  ⭐ Live the dream and make a real difference as a founder!



Good news…

 Our Mini CFO™ Fractional Finance Solutions have changed the game. 


To bring you all this and more, in a flexible and friendly way, fit for a new era!

This is the kind of support that a much bigger business would typically receive from an in-house CFO or consulting firm – but with a more relatable, relevant and fit-for-purpose feel.



Imagine overcoming the confusion and barriers often presented by finances

to feel more confident, fulfilled & empowered by your business numbers


So you could budget for & build your dreams profitably with healthy cashflows…



 By working with a Specialist Strategic Finance & Accountancy practice that gets it (us!)

Our Mission

 We exist to empower purpose-led founders and businesses with financial confidence and peace of mind.
 Enabling good people to bring their vision to life, create a truly sustainable business, and make a real difference to the world.
With ethical profits, purpose, healthy cashflows and good vibes.

Here’s how we do this… 

Fractional CFO Subscription

We offer a Fractional CFO subscription solution for a savvy profitable business life!

Ongoing friendly and relatable financial insights, support and commercial advice to take your venture in the direction of it's wildest potential.

CFO Consultancy
& Outsourced Projects

Outsourced Strategic Finance and project support for business owners, founders and finance professionals.

Access to CFO level project support and advice as you're growing and changing.

& Compliance Services

As an ICAEW Chartered Accountancy Practice we can provide accountancy, tax and related compliance services 'done for you' as an exclusive add-on to our fractional offering.

Along with optimising your fin tech ecosystem and financial processes.

Finance Training & Business Mentoring

Support with the fundamentals of finance, money healing and beyond through our Get Number Savvy™ Finance learning platform - a trauma-informed accessible space, for passion-led and purpose -driven founders.


Whatever stage you are at on your business journey

We can help you feel good about your business numbers. 

So you can… :


Save Time

Imagine no longer waste hours freaking out about finances and second guessing yourself

Feel More Peace & Clarity

By easing & simplifying the clunky 'financial management things'

Spark More Joy

With a savvy, profitable plan in place you can embody more of what you love! 


✨ Because businesses big and small, need a solid finance function to succeed!! ✨



We know, it can feel scary talking to accountants & financial experts, 

so fortunately for you we are, first and foremost,

relatable (and trauma informed) humans!  

And we believe…  

No one should feel fear or shame when it comes to managing business finances.

⭐ You deserve to have the financial support and peace of mind to build your unique dreams sustainably.

⭐ With stable financial foundations and a savvy CFO by your side, you are best equipped to live a fulfilling entrepreneurial life of impact, abundance, adaptability and security! 

Ready to thrive? 


Get in touch now and see how we can support your purpose driven mission to get more financially savvy.

So you can create your dreams abundantly and sustainably.


 Meet Harriet Formby – Your Very Own CFO 

Harriet Formby MA ACA
Founder of Below The Line Finance | Fractional CFO | Chartered Accountant | Business Mentor






I am here to transform finances from being a frustrating barrier, to being an enabling amplifier of your success and impact!

When you’re keen to establish strong finance foundations, build a profitable and ethical business and pricing model or overcome cashflow obstacles. It’s a lot to get your head around along with your all your other business ‘hats’.

But fear not, because I am here to support you every step of the way forward – with my practical and down to Earth strategic financial expertise. 

 With my support, we’ll craft practical real world solutions, build sustainable returns, and embrace change as you navigate the complexities of running and growing your unique business.

 I believe in open talking about finance in a way that honours your humanness, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make informed financial decisions that take your business towards your dreams, as you bring your ideas to life!

With my support, the financial challenges becomes less stressful and more achievable, and the ‘numbers stuff’ goes from feeling like a necessary hinderance to being a powerful tool for impact and prosperity.



"We had been struggling to source these sorts of services internally or with our existing accountant. If you are a small business looking for extra support, Harriet is productive, collaborative, and has really useful ideas" 💡
"Whenever I talk to Harriet about things that are troubling me with our business finances I feel so much better! She always has a reassuring and practical plan of action and really cares about our success."💗
Creative Business Owner
"I sleep better at night knowing we now have our cashflow under control and a profitable budget in place thanks to Harriet. I wish I'd started working with her sooner!" 🤗
Company Director


✨ What will you accomplish with peace of mind, confidence and clarity around your business numbers? ✨



Imagine being able to

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to witness your wildest dreams and ideas translated into a financially viable route forward?

Working with a finance expert who can bring the commercial edge to your creativity and imagination, so wistful ideas become realities.

And talking of budgets, we don’t believe in dull spreadsheets that quickly become outdated. Instead Harriet bring a bit of magic to the planning and budgeting process that is always relevant and tailored to your unique offering and vision and preferences. 

Our budget discussions and modelling are essentially the creation and iteration of a strategic financial road map that connects to your overall goals, vision and values. We’ll delve into the the development of your offerings, working through pricing, costings and all the intricate details, stress-tested every aspect along the way.

 Life moves at a rapid pace and we understand the need for flexibility. That’s why we build dynamic reports and tools that are easily updatable, ensuring we can seamlessly incorporate your new ideas and adapt to changes. With everything presented in a user friendly format designed to fit your specific needs. 

 The balancing act of cashflow can be a real strain in business owner life. Hello sleepless nights!

It’s especially challenging when your income arrives sporadically, doesn’t align with your costs and it feels like there is never anything left over. So you inevitably end up playing a flawed guessing game to work out how to trade through and make the money last! 

But fret not, because Harriet is here to manage this headache.  Our expertise in savvy cashflow forecasting and monitoring, means we can help you identify potential shortfalls in advance. And we have the commercially savvy experience to help you determine the best strategies to address the cash conundrums and figure out what is really going in.

Our goal in this area is to support you in developing healthy sustainable cashflows  that enable you to grow and flourish. So that you can invest in that transformation business training or retreat, or splurge on the shiny new bit of tech. Or to create the cash balance so you  can afford to take the summer off without freaking out about checking your bank balance!

There are multiple points in your business journeys where it feels like you’re doing ‘all the things’, rushing about with an endless to do list, of admin and obligations. It can feel like you’re stretched so much you’re not able to play to your strengths, do the meaningful work and it can really sucks the fun out of running a business.

That’s why we guide you through everything from the business modelling, finance function design, pricing, and organisational structure so you can strive to operate more intentionally, focus on where you can add most value and feel most joy that fits with your life.

Imagine enjoying the peace of mind that your vision is coming to life profitably and your are avoiding burnout because you can now afford to outsource all those draining tasks you hate doing, and work the hours you desire on more creative and meaningful activities.


We don’t have time for businesses run by generic entrepreneur ‘bros’. We’re here for authentic and diverse humans.

And our focus is on you—the person behind the business. We care about your life, your passions, and your responsibilities, because it all comes back to how your business can support and nourish your personal goals, dreams, and desired lifestyle and legacy for the world. Because that’s probably why you started a business in the first place, to create a better lifestyle and future for yourself and loved ones.

Not sure exactly what you need?


Harriet offers a no pressure chat, to get to know each other, delve into your business, discuss any current challenges you’re facing, and explore your goals and aspirations.

These calls are ideal whether you already have a clear idea of your needs or want to scope it out together and get a taster of our style.

I’m excited to connect with you and learn more about your journey! 💖


Automation & Outsourcing: Eliminating The Repetitive Drudgery


Book an Advice Consultation and Achieve Financial Peace of Mind in 90 Minutes!

If you’re looking for a one-off bit of  advice to solve your queries and help you feel better about your business numbers, our ‘Power Hour’ style consultations are here to assist you.

During this focused and dynamic 90-minute session, we’ll address your specific questions and concerns, empowering you to move from confusion to financial peace of mind, going away with a clear plan of action.

 £275 (plus VAT)


Finance Masterclass Series

Introducing practical, Down to Earth and trauma-informed  finance trainings and workshops especially for creative and often neurodivergent founders- so you can live your best life with profits and purpose.

 Sign up for the upcoming  Masterclass or browse the Replays & Resources here.

FREE Community

Join a community of passion-led and purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs to access financial guidance, Q&As, tips, resources and relatable numbers know-how.


Get Number Savvy Training

We’re curating an accessible  suite of finance resources, templates and courses specifically to empower business owners to grow their vision with profit & purpose. Designed to help you tackle scary finance topics in a fun and friendly way.

This is for wonderful, creative entrepreneurs. Who – quite frankly – would much prefer to be creating in their business than looking at their financials.

Understand your business numbers, so you can live a profitable and purposeful entrepreneurial life by mastering the fundamentals.

Take Our Finance MOT 

 Find out how well you’re really doing with the finance fundamentals

(and receive some tailored guidance)

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Neurodiversity Research Study

What if the experience of managing your finances and working with an accountant could be less frustrating and more inclusive for neurodiverse business owners? 

I’ve been working to create a solution for this for for sometime! And I would love your insights on how I can we can make this even better. 

I would be so grateful if you could share any feedback on your frustrations with finances as a neurodivergent business owner. You will be invited to attend some free workshops.


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