Below The Line Finance

Mini CFO is subscription access to strategic financial expertise that supports good people doing good things.

Holding your hand through the finance fundamentals and into savvy commercial strategy. So you can build your best business on Earth!


With a customised CFO support package, you get precisely  the support you need for your business, for a predictable monthly fee.

Wit savvy strategic advice, you can build your venture with profits, purpose, healthy cashflows and good vibes!



Make your dreams a reality with Mini CFO’s bespoke strategic finance support, designed just for you.

How would it feel to… 

✅ Take the guesswork out of growing your business with a solid commercial and strategic finance plan.
 Make a difference through meaningful profits with a purpose, while spending your time intentionally and impactfully.
 Be able to eliminate, streamline or outsource all your boring and time-consuming business tasks. 
 Spend freely without having to worry about looking in your bank account because cashflow is sorted.
  Never again feel alone or confused by your finances because you have a savvy CFO partner on side.

A typical Mini CFO subscription combines:

Strategic CFO Advice

This is all the support that helps you sustain and grow a profitable, cash-healthy business that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Through commercial finance strategy sessions, support and calls with your CFO.

& Compliance Services

All your accounting needs such as annual accounts, tax returns, payroll, reporting and more... 'done-for-you'.

If required as an add on (or you can keep your existing accountant alongside).

Finance Learning Wonderland

Complimentary access to the Mini CFO Learning Wonderland, which is a new dedicated training platform of finance related videos, guides, courses and resources for you and your team.

CFO Projects
& Extras

Option to commission further support and projects as required.

For example: financials in preparation for funding, business modelling, accounting software implementation etc. as an add-on at a special day rate.

Mini CFO is customisable for different business types including:

✨ Ambitious start-ups
✨ Limited Companies
✨ Un-incorporated Businesses
✨ Not for Profits

These are some of the sectors we support:

✨ Professional Services, Consulting & Tech
✨ PR, Content, Marketing & The Creative Industries
✨ Wellness & Coaching
✨ Retail, Food & Manufacturing

 Mini CFO offers customised CFO packages, designed specifically for your business.

Expand our sample packages below to get an idea of what yours could look like.

An illustrative example of how we might put together a bespoke package for a un-incorporated venture

CFO Support: 

  • Onboarding, Set up and Welcome Call
  • Annual Strategic Finance Planning Session
  • Mid Year Performance Review Call
  • CFO Support Chat for day-to-day queries

Accounting & Compliance:

  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Annual Tax Planning Session
  • Advice on day to day financial management (with additional support if required)


  • Complimentary access to Mini CFO Learning Wonderland 
  •  Discounted access to Harriet’s other offerings, projects, training and events 

From £95 (+VAT) per month

An illustrative example of how we might put together a bespoke package for a 2 director limited company (no team) that requires mainly annual CFO support in this type of scenario.

CFO Support:

  •   Onboarding, set up and welcome call
  •  Annual Strategic Finance Planning Session 
  •   Ad hoc CFO support – up to 2 strategic ‘talk it through with a CFO’ calls  
  • CFO Support Chat Function for day-to-day queries

Accounting Compliance:

  • Directors Payroll & Self Assessment Tax Returns 
  • Annual Company Accounts & Tax Returns & Tax Planning (with custom video on what it all means!)
  • Annual Confirmation Statement & Standard Companies House filings


  • Complimentary access to Mini CFO Learning Wonderland 
  •  Discounted access to Harriet’s other CFO service offerings, projects, training and events
  •  Additional service add-ons such as Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll for additional employees

From £250 (+ VAT) per month

 An illustrative example of how we might put together a bespoke package for a small limited company with a team that requires quarterly strategic CFO support in this type of scenario.

CFO Support:

  • Onboarding, set up and welcome call
  • QUARTERLY Strategic Finance Planning Session/Reviews
  • QUARTERLY Management Accounts 
  • Ad hoc CFO Support – up to 4 strategic ‘talk it through with a CFO’ calls
  • CFO Support Chat Function for day-to-day queries

Accounting Compliance:

  • Payroll & Self Assessment Tax Returns for Directors
  • Payroll and Auto Enrolment Pension for a number of employees
  • VAT returns & Book keeping
  • Annual Company Accounts & Tax Returns & Tax Planning Session (with custom video on what it all means!)
  • Annual Confirmation Statement & Standard Companies House filings


  • Complimentary access to Mini CFO Learning Wonderland 
  •  Discounted access to Harriet’s other offerings, projects, training and events

From £770  (+ VAT) per month

 Start up needs vary greatly, but this is an illustrative example of how we might put together a bespoke package for a start up that requires monthly strategic CFO support in this type of scenario.

CFO Support:

  • Onboarding, set up and welcome call
  • ANNUAL Budget Setting Cycle
  • MONTHLY Strategic Finance Planning Session/Reviews
  • MONTHLY Management Accounts 
  • Ad hoc CFO Support – Unlimited strategic ‘talk it through with a CFO’ calls
  • Support chat with Harriet for day-to-day queries

Accounting Compliance:

  • Payroll & Self Assessment Tax Returns for Directors
  • Payroll and Auto Enrolment Pension for employees
  • VAT returns 
  • Annual Company Accounts & Tax Returns & tax planning (with custom video on what it all means!)
  • Annual Confirmation Statement & Standard Companies House filings


  • Complimentary access to Mini CFO Learning Wonderland including for your own internal finance staff 
  • Discounted access to Harriet’s other offerings, projects, training and events
  • Discounted day rate/project pricing to add on extra support for funding rounds, board attendance, financial modelling etc. 

From £1,200 (+ VAT)  per month

 An illustrative example of how we might put together a bespoke package for simply CFO support

CFO Support:

  •  QUARTERLY Strategic Finance Planning Sessions 
  •   Ad hoc CFO support – up to 3 strategic ‘talk it through with a CFO’ calls  
  • CFO Support Chat Function for day-to-day queries


  • Complimentary access to Mini CFO Learning Wonderland 
  •  Discounted access to Harriet’s other offerings, projects, training and events

Price from £175 (+ VAT) per month

 An illustrative example of how we might put together a bespoke package for Mini CFO Coaching support

Mini CFO Coaching is:

  • Monthly Strategic Business Coaching Call   
  • Access to Harriet (Email/Voxer/Whatsapp) for support in between sessions


  • Complimentary access to Mini CFO Learning Wonderland 
  •  Discounted access to Harriet’s other offerings, projects, training and events

Price from £250 per session, £1,200 (+VAT) for block of 6 sessions. Other packages avaiable.


Save Time

As you stop wasting hours freaking out about finances alone

Feel More Peace & Clarity

By easing & simplifying the hard 'financial management things'

Spark More Joy

With a savvy, profitable plan in place you can embody more of what you love! 


Even if you already have an accountant,

 Mini CFO is going to change the game for your business and life


 Meet your new CFO, Harriet 

Harriet Formby MA ACA
Founder of Below The Line Finance |Small Biz CFO | Chartered Accountant | Finance Coach




"I know finances can feel daunting when you are a business owner, whether it's simply getting the basics right, navigating cashflow obstacles, developing a profitable model, making informed decisions, or accumulating the financial resources necessary to foster the growth of your aligned vision.

But don't worry! I an here to support you every step of the way - with practical and down to earth financial expertise. To help you navigate the financial complexities of running and growing your business, overcoming problems, raising funds and embracing change

I'm here to simplify processes and provide tailored insights that cater to your unique business needs. You'll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your financial situation, spot exciting improvement opportunities, and implement effective strategies to achieve your goals.

My friendly and down-to-earth approach ensures that we'll have open, straightforward conversations about your finances. No jargon or confusing language here! I want to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make informed financial decisions that propel your business forward.

Together, let's transform those daunting finances into a powerful tool for growth and prosperity. With my support, navigating financial challenges becomes less stressful and more achievable. I'm ready to guide you every step of the way!

Book A Discovery Call


I offer a complimentary introductory call to explore working together. This is a chance for you to find out more, ask questions and get to know each other – with no pressure.

You can book straight into my diary at a time convenient to you.

And by completing the pre call questionnaire, when we talk I will be up to speed and ready to help so that it’s a really useful session for you.


"We had been struggling to source these sorts of services internally or with our existing accountant. If you are a small business looking for extra support, Harriet is productive, collaborative, and has really useful ideas" 💡
"Whenever I talk to Harriet about things that are troubling me with our business finances I feel so much better! She always has a reassuring and practical plan of action and really cares about our success."💗
Creative Business Owner
"I sleep better at night knowing we now have our cashflow under control and a profitable budget in place thanks to Harriet. I wish I'd started working with her sooner!" 🤗
Company Director


✨ Because businesses big and small, need a solid finance function to succeed! ✨


Full transparency…

Mini CFO is likely NOT a good fit for you if …

 You are trying to source the cheapest service on the market 

 You are not looking to make any changes or improvements in your business

 You prefer to only speak to an accountant once a year 

 You favour the old ways, inefficient processes and that trusty desktop version of Sage 😉 

 You only have a short-term need for CFO input  (Instead one of Harriet’s other offerings might suit you better such as a one-off finance consultation call, perhaps a CFO project or dip into her free training resources).

But Mini CFO is likely to be a GREAT fit for you if …

 You are ready to invest in bespoke, fit-for-purpose & ongoing finance support 

 You have lots of plans, goals and aspirations for your business and you

 You value a proactive accountant who answers  questions promptly and is looking out for you

 You like things to run efficiently and embrace technology (even if it sometimes confuses you!)

 You are looking for a trusted finance partner to support your business journey



 Mini CFO is best suited to curious and ambitious business owners who are looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing their finances. These services are ideal for those who want financial strategy support. 

Mini CFO is for ‘good people doing good things’. There is no restricted to a specific size, industry or length of time in business.So the Mini CFO offering can be tailored to businesses of different sizes and structures including:

✨ Sole traders/partnerships

✨ Limited Companies

✨ Ambitious start-ups

✨ Not for Profits




A CFO is a finance expert that ensures you have solid finance foundations in place – for day-today efficiency, clarity, compliance and ease as you scale

 But they are much more than that…

A CFO is an invaluable partner guiding you through the intricate financial milestones and bumps in your company’s journey.

Seamlessly weaving together the strategic and commercial elements of finance, the CFO provides you with the best opportunity to establish a thriving, long-term business that aligns with your personal goals as a business owner.

Bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to furthering business interests, you are equipped with relevant insights and innovative ideas to positively influence your business.

With a CFO by your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of finance and steer your company towards a joyous future.

 The kinds of tasks a CFO gets involved in and that I can support with include:

Profitable Pricing Strategies

Helping you develop pricing strategies that ensure you are fairly compensated for your time and effort, while also allowing you to invest in your business.

This includes savvy pricing positioningmodelling your results and profits based on pricing and advice on pricing in contract negotiations.

Raising funds for your Next Phase of Growth

Providing guidance and financial models for raising funds through grants, loans, and investments, including support with creating rigorous and compelling applications and business plans

Cashflow Forecasting for Peace of Mind

Forecasting your cash removes the guesswork and fear from managing costs, essentials, and aspirations, without any nasty surprises. It’s about foresight and reacting to any shortfalls smoothly.

Reviewing and Improving your Commercial Performance

 Performance review is important so that you can strategise, plan and respond in a savvy way to what is actually happening, rather than reacting to what you think is happening.

Business Planning, Budgeting, and Goal-setting

To help you align your business model and finances with your unique aspirations in a tangible action-orientated way and reach your destination more quickly and use your resources sustainably.

Advise on Key Milestones

 Helping you make informed decisions that support your business goals – such as when to make an investment, pivot into a new market, hire or restructure.

Fit for Purpose Finance Systems and Processes

 Support you to set up scalable  and insightful finance systems and processes that can handle an increase in customers without resulting in overloaded capabilities, reducing delays, overwork, and stress at minimal cost. 

Act as a Sounding Board and Business Partner

Bounce around new ideas and problem-solving, providing relevant expertise and proactive advice on the business finance implications and strategies for success

Supporting you with Difficult Conversations 

Helping you with hard decisions and conversations such as crisis management, negotiations, dealing with customers who pay late, or crafting price increase letters that may feel intimidating to send out. 

For a start you won’t ever be just one of hundreds of clients lost somewhere in an inbox!

To maintain personal and quality service there are limited spaces available at all levels.

This is a unique opportunity to receive approachable and commercial CFO support along with all your accounting compliance sorted as a small business owner. 

And Mini CFO isn’t about ticking-off the boring, repetitive ‘must dos’ of accounting that business have to comply with


It’s about  

Financial insights as the enabler to you sustaining, growing and evolving a business that brings you joy and a stable income

You feeling confident with your business numbers and reassured that you have a knowledgable and practical CFO to turn to when you’re unsure.

 Knowing you have a finance professional looking out for you and your business’ best interests.



Who do you talk to when…

You’re looking for guidance and insight on your pricing strategy?
Profit margins feel off but you can’t work out why?
You’re negotiating a big contract or deciding when/if to hire?
Or you simply want to structure a business that will enable you to achieve your personal goals?

Your regular accountant might well look at your blankly if you bring it up with them. t’s probably far out of their comfort zone and expertise.

Your typical compliance accountant is happy to sort your taxes and accounts, but they’re less likely to have the suite of skills and expertise to offer you relevant insight and advice.

Larger companies have a dedicated CFO to lead the finance function and partner with the CEO and to support decision making, risk management and strategy. 

 In smaller companies its often down to the business owner to juggle everything

A typical founder or owner-manager is unlikely to have the skills, expertise, time or confidence to effectively manage strategic financial direction and do everything else they do!

A full time CFO is not usually an appropriate hire for a smaller business

That’s the gap Mini CFO solves

no more feeling unsupported and alone with finance stress,
no more sleepless nights wondering if you’re doing it right,
no more confusion and financial fear…

This CFO subscription is designed specifically for small businesses who need the support of an approachable, knowledgeable and dedicated finance professional at a cost that meets your current needs and budget, which can grow and evolve with you over time.

With Mini CFO you have me by your side. A commercially savvy finance expert and Chartered Accountant who understands the challenges of running a business when you have a creative spirit. I will enjoy really getting to know you, your business and your aspirations.

Mini CFO offers an all-in-one subscription-based model, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness for small business owners. 

Our services include both financial strategy and hands-on accounting support, setting us apart from other accounting services

Experience: Harriet has extensive experience in strategic financial management, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Customised Solutions: Mini CFO is a bespoke support offering tailored to your specific needs, providing you with flexible and scalable solutions that adapt as your business evolves.

Strategic Insights: You get valuable strategic insights that help you make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.

Approachable and Relatable: Harriet get’s to know you and your business – meeting you where you are and reassuring you.

Partnership: We see ourselves as your partner, working alongside you to achieve your business objectives and provide ongoing support as you grow.


You get someone on your side who:

  • Genuinely wants to alleviate your financial stress and help you grow your business in alignment with your aspirations
  • Will genuinely care about your wellbeing and success.
  • Is there to bounce ideas around with as opportunities arise, to provide valuable input to support you with strategic financial direction and as a reassuring, practical voice if you’re ever having a tough time of it. 
  • Will keep a close eye on your financial performance to ensure all your finance reporting and compliance obligations are taken care of, pre-empting and prompting timely conversations as milestones arise

With your very own CFO you not only get a clear understanding of your finances and a handle on cash and profitability, but together we will:

 Navigate through moments of vulnerability and confusion, and transform your finances into a tool that brings your purposeful business aspirations to life.  Enabling you to live comfortably with purpose and intention.

 Create a plan to enable you to do more of the things that you love in your business (and less of what you don’t love) so you can focus whole heartedly on pursuing more of what truly lights you up.

 Utilise finance strategy to help you shape, grow and evolve your business in a direction that aligns with your unique aspirations and values.

 Sort the business numbers, so that you have the freedom and flow to create, to build your dreams inside and outside of work. To create a lasting impact and legacy and support the people you care about.


The cost of your Mini CFO subscription depends on the specific needs of your business. Harriet will work with you to create a personalised quote.

 You can also check out the sample packages above to get an idea of what a subscription membership could look like and get in touch to have your own requirements quoted.

Getting started with Mini CFO is easy. Simply book a call and Harriet will  guide you through the process, answer all your questions and provide you with a quote.


We don’t have a formal referral scheme just yet … but I truly value and appreciate word of mouth recommendations. So do let me know if you recommend Mini CFO to anyone and I will ensure you are thanked appropriately 🙂

For Limited Companies we support Xero and all Apps with an API to Xero –  but let’s have a conversation if you are using something else.

For larger SMEs we have experience with a large range of ERP systems and softwares.

For soletraders this can be a little more flexible.

Yes we can offer Mini CFO support to Not for Profits/ charities and rates for such organisations receive a discount  – however we are not able to undertake any Charity audit work.

We can quote to undertaker your day-to-day bookkeeping/financial control tasks (such as accounts payable, bank payment etc.).

We can also provide support/training/best practices for your own accounts staff or outsourced provider to undertake this.


You can transfer across to Mini CFO fully and get the full benefits of our end-to-end CFO finance support.

Or if you are tied-in or do not wish to change core accountancy provider at this time – we can build you a purely CFO strategic support package working alongside your existing accountant.

Bespoke means just that…

The CFO package we create together will be customised to your needs. We will build something that is as unique as you and your business! So there is no need to fit into a standardised package that doesn’t quite meet you.

That said I know it’s helpful to have an idea of what this offer could look like… so check out the sample packages below.

Note: the examples are by no means an exhaustive list of options or services, I will speak to you about your requirements and together we will create exactly what you need. 


If you’re not quite ready to commission your own Mini CFO – check out my accessible CFO training and resources offered through Get Number Savvy™.

You can also book an affordable one-off Finance Consultation or I could support you for a short term finance project.

If you are looking to improve your own commercial and strategic finance skills – perhaps you are already an accountant running your own venture or simply overseeing this area? Harriet offers Coaching and Mentoring in Business Finance & Strategy to Business Owners/CEOs/Accountants. 

Harriet is a Member of the Association of Business Mentors, holds the CMI Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring, and is currently undertaking the ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring and provides mentoring for the Help to Grow Scheme. 

Harriet will be happy to hear from you. Simply use the contact form to get in touch and ask your questions.


New Mini CFO clients receive a welcome gift



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