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Introducing Mini CFO For Limited Companies – custom CFO & Accountancy services in a predicable monthly fee

Mini CFO is financial expertise that supports good people doing good things.

By holding your hand through the finance fundamentals and into savvy commercial strategy. So you can build your best business on Earth!

With a customised CFO support package, you get precisely what you need, combining bespoke strategic finance expertise with ‘done for you’ accounting services (if required) so you can build your dreams with profits, purpose, healthy cashflows and good vibes!

Why the support of a CFO is so important on your business journey as a Limited Company Owner

Where you are

As a founder/owner of a purposeful start up or SME, you have  some big dreams and growth aspirations. You get by with the finances – you probably have some kind of system manage your accounting, the bills get paid, the bank gets reconciled and you submit your annual accounts and tax filings.

You can run off some basic P&L and balance sheet data from the system  but your finance function doesn’t have the skills, time or capacity for much more insight. 

As such you don’t have much in the way of a dynamic budget or forecast model and in real-time you are quite frankly unsure of exactly how your business is doing  – other than does it feel busy and is there cash in the bank – or exactly what could be better.

The problem with this is you are always responding to issues after the event (you figure out a few months later you lost money on an initiative or customer project).

So you tend to react to things rather than plan and no one really takes take responsibility for having a profitable plan and forecasts.  So all this reacting, trying to keep on top of things and decision making falls to you in a fluster.

It’s important and it’s getting urgent (especially if you are gearing up for growth, and investment) but so are so many other things to do too!

You wish you could share some of the pain and overwhelm with someone competent who gets what you’re doing and can align to your vision – and help you on the path to sustainable profits and results.

Where you want to be

What you really need now is some more useful metrics for your business that can be tracked in real-time. You want to understand how profitable each product line is? You need to know when you should hire or outsource? You want to know if you’re on track to make the profit you are aspiring for this year? And if you’re not on track you need to know soon enough that you can do something about it and have some support with what those measures look like! 

You want to plan for the future. What would happen to profit if sales fell by 20% or increased by 40% for the next 12 months? How would you manage this? 

You need to be able to forecast how much cash you need for the next phase of  growth –  or simply to keep the balancing act going! And feel confident that you can pay the bills, save, invest and treat yourself without sleepless nights.

You’ve heard there is a better way of linking up systems to manage all your other apps and projects. It would save the business time and get you real-time information to help you make better decisions.

In short you want the finance and operations function to run smoothly, generating the insights to be able to  have an informed commercial and profit focused discussion about al lyour ideas, decisions and plans with a finance expert.

You need someone knowledgeable and slightly removed from the business to talk over ideas and ways forward. To help you plan and preempt your next moves.  And if growth plans are on this trajectory; you need to ensure the business is ready for the financial scrutiny that comes with investors, lenders and other partners. 

The challenge

The problem is your existing finance function is limited. You (and an finance team members or resources)  do not  have the capacity, experience or understanding of how to improve things financially.

So far its been more about the day to day activities not really the bigger picture 

As the founder you feel bogged down in both the monotony of the day to day and the pace of change and challenges pulling you in different directions.

You long for a fresh perspective a strategic partner who can guide you through this phase.

Take ownership and provide challenge and push back to help the finance function grow smarter and more resilient. Being open to adapting to achieve the business mission as you scale.

What you need an FD/CFO on hand … the trouble is they are expensive to have on the payroll full-time. And you’re not sure you even need them around full-time.

You’ve heard about Fractional or Portfolio CFOs/FDs. But you wonder how they would be relevant to your business?

Do they have enough hands-on experience? Do they understand start-ups and are they in touch enough with the digital age and a creative thinking founder? Would any  current staff warm to them? And what about these ‘IR35’ regulations? 

The Solution

By working with a Portfolio CFO who specialises in Small Businesses like yours, you can bring in the finance skills you need on a flexible basis.

Retain a regular monthly quarterly level of support and then just buy more time if you need extra support.

An FD who understand a purposeful  growth focused business like yours and the demands and unique challenges of the your industry and pace of change.

Someone,  enthusiastic personable and proactive.

We measure the metrics that matter 

We help you tailor your KPIs reporting to suit the business metrics that matter to you and your industry, partners and investors.

You gain a strategic partner 

We provide constructive challenge. We are with you on the journey. We care about your business and are committed to its long term goals. 

Your finance team will be in safe hands

 We can guide, mentor and up-skill any existing staff members.  Remove the fear of change and enable smarter, more empowered working.

Have all this and more through my Mini CFO Strategic Finance & Accountancy offering  

⭐ What clients say ⭐

"We had been struggling to source these sorts of services internally or with our existing accountant. If you are a small business looking for extra support, Harriet is productive, collaborative, and has really useful ideas" 💡
"Whenever I talk to Harriet about things that are troubling me with our business finances I feel so much better! She always has a reassuring and practical plan of action and really cares about our success."💗
Creative Bsiness Owner
"I sleep better at night knowing we now have our cashflow under control and a profitable budget in place thanks to Harriet. I wish I'd started working with her sooner!" 🤗
Company Director

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Finance Advice Consultations

If you’re not quite ready for a Mini CFO retainer but would like some advice to solve your queries niggles and help you feel better about finances. You can book in for an advice consultation to go from confusion to financial peace of mind in 60 minutes!

Do you have finance questions or concerns swirling around in your head? Perhaps you’re wondering if you have things structured right?

Or feeling confused by what you can expenses, how to pay yourself or how to manage your business money? Or simply staring at your cashflow or budgeting file wondering what on Earth to do next!

These finance consultation sessions are designed to tackle your confusions… so you go away with confidence and a clear action plan.

These sessions are for everyone! Whether you are a full time business owner, side hustler, freelancer, solo-preneur or founder.